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HI !! Does anyone know where I can get an apartment building background or can someone make one for me?? If you can make one I will credit you, and if you know someone who has one please send me their link tree/background link in this topic. THANK YOU! :blush::sparkling_heart:


I make one for you


thank you so much! is it possible for you to make it today?


Yes it will take me 1-10 minutes


ok message me when you are done (again, thank you so much) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:


here to be honest I just google it



Does episode allow you to use picture of of google?


They do


thx again


Also you can find backgrounds at http://www.episodelife.com/p/backgrounds.html


@Ryan or @Jeremy please close this topic


Closing per OP request :v:t2: