Old Timey Bakery Background

Hey! I’m writing a story that’s between the 1650s to 1730s and I’m looking for like an old timey bakery shop interior. I already have an exterior it’s in a cute little village (unfortunately I can’t share this background as I paid to get access). They mostly produce breads and tarts if that matters.
Let me know if you know of anyone that has this background, or if you yourself have one. Credit will be given, thanks!



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Idk of ths is what ur looking for. Ill find another one soon

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I could try helping you make one using AI if you want? If you don’t want to use AI I totally understand. :smiling_face:

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Kimd of like that set up! Just the walls look too modern if that makes sense. Thank you for trying!

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I’m not sure if we are allowed to use AI?

You can but AI somehow always messed a part up

Ill edit the walls dw

I lied i couldnt do it😭

It’s okay thank you for trying :sob: I kight just rewrite the scene

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You/we are :sparkling_heart:
Some use it and some don’t.

This is what came up. Did edit some things out (the weird things). If you want to use it and there are some weird bits that I have missed, let me know

Old bakery

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