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Hi gang, I thought I might try my luck and put this request out to you all mature people. I have met a Community Member who English is their Second Language, she is finding writing a story a little bit hard so I put my hand up to help, she has given me a bit about her story but what she has written it is more of a 1 page story so I asked her for more ideas while I put finger to keyboard with what she has already said, I don’t think she understood so I was hoping I could get like a writer’s group to help write this story for her. It is in INK, so I have already made the characters and started the story. If you want to be on board then let me know!


not 25 lol im 21 but i feeel the same aorund the teens here


I’m 28. 29 in October


wow. I didn’t know young adults and adults exist on here :joy:. 21 :blush:


Lol am I one of the oldest people here?

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No I am, 36 cough cough


Who is le oldest forumer?

I don’t know, probably me :laughing::woman_facepalming:

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26 next month :metal:


23 soon to be 24 this month…


I’m 32 lol :rofl:


Yay someone closer in age!!!

Well there are lot of people who enjoy writing stories and or doing digital art, no matter what the age is

@Jaynee.Episode and @CosmicIvy since we seem to be the older ones, I have a question for you both. Unless you both are very talented ladies, have you had issues getting help from people on the forum for directing?

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Not been on here that long only a few months but ive had the help i’ve needed, most of the i look it up myself on youtube or on forums instead of asking lol.

I do that too but maybe I am just technologically challenged that I need someone to spell it out to me :joy:

Well I´m 17 so I´m sure that I´m not one of them :joy:


I’m like that sometimes :joy: Always someone to help just depends if they wanna help :rofl: i help if i can but like i say im a noob on her, made my first story & theres so many mistakes :rofl::rofl: so stsrted another as i published it :slightly_frowning_face: if you ever need abit of help ill help if i can :grinning:

Do you know how to spot direct a wedding scene? That’s the reason I posted this thread because NO ONE wants to help!

don’t see this as rude but why wouldn’t a younger person be abel to do that? I mean it’s just a little spot directing and if you look at examples of wedding’s it’s nt that hard?