Olivia’s Splash Shop (and maybe other stuff too)


I can make splashes for anyone who needs them, just fill this out if you would like one.

TYPE OF SPLASH (volume/sound, strong language, social media promotion, intro/outro):

BACKGROUND (describe a type of background or reply with a specific background you would like):

FONT AND FONT COLOR (color can be any color, just give a good description of it please):

EXTRAS (characters, extra photos/stickers, etc.):



Some rules are:
No rushing
I usually don’t take too long to make them, but I would like it if no one tried to rush me.

I can deny requests
I doubt I will deny any, but just in case.

I might also be able to do some other stuff too besides splashes, so you can always ask me for something else too but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do it. Just no poses, please lol.


Do you have examples…? :yay:


oops i forgot to include those

That’s just all I’ve done so far.

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How many can you make me? I’ll say what I want and when you respond I’ll figure it out. I want a volume/ sound the background doesn’t matter as long as the colors match the font. For the font… I want i miss your kiss in rose gold but a more pinkish rose gold.
I would also like a strong language splash. Again the background doesn’t matter and I would like the font to be American Typewriter and for font color I want lilac.


i can make however many you want, i have plenty of time!
i’ll get started on them and i’ll private message you them once i’m done


Ok, thank you!