Olivia's Art Shop {Revamped and Open}

Anybody want some art? I do custom poses, covers, overlays, text message overlays, and a whole bunch of other crap.
Here are my examples:




I don’t need anything but I love that first pose :joy::joy:


Can you make art for me please and if so what do I have to send in for you to do it?

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You did better than I could for the first pose good job! @Olivia_Yeah :blush:

Hey can you do a cover for my wolf story?
What would I need to send?

Thank you!


Thanks! It took a REALLY LONG TIME!:kissing_heart:

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@Portiaoffside @Justheaven
Just pictures of the characters, what poses you want, what background, etc. You can just send me whatever you feel like I would need, and if I need anything else, I’ll message you.
I ONLY do edits, but I can do different filters to make it look sort of drawn, jsyk

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