Olivia's Commissions (UPDATED)

my last topic got closed, and i’ve updated pricing and other things since then, so here’s a new topic!

  • as of right now, i’m only selling character art, so just drawings of people (or at least characters with human features LOL)
    • i don’t draw heavy gore, NSFW, or animals of any kind
  • due to copyright reasons, i will sell your art as a png with no background
    • regardless, PLEASE HAVE A BACKGROUND PREPARED!! i can either add the background myself after the final payment, or you can do it :slight_smile:
      • & i want to make sure that lighting looks good

i use paypal and cashapp!

i’ll send you the sketch once i’m finished with it, and if everything looks okay then you pay the first half
once the art is completely finished, then the rest is paid

i don’t take too long on art, but it all depends on how many characters you’re ordering/my personal life. the max is typically a week or so


please DM me on instagram if you’re interested: @oliviaatd


bump! in need of cash <3