Olivia's Custom Pose Shop (INK, Classic, and LL)

Hey, this is my custom pose shop! I also do other stuff, like splashes, covers, etc. but I would like to keep this mainly poses.

For custom poses:
Character Details
Detailed Description of the pose
When you need it by

For covers/splashes:
Any characters you want in it
Any character outfits
Detailed Character Placement
Any words you want on it
When you need it by

For overlays:
If text overlays, what you want it to say and what style
What kind of overlay (detailed description)
(I’ll give you some examples before)

You have to use the stuff I make for you. Otherwise, it’s a waste of my time and your time.
Please tell me what story you are using it in so I can read it (another way for you to get reads is read for read, which I will start doing around February when my story comes out)

Examples (only one right now cause I accidentally deleted the others):

Password: Top Flight

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OMG YES! I am so happy I found you!

Character details:
Brow-Classic Natural
Hair-Diva Curls (color: black)
Eyes-Upturned Feline (color: toffee)
Nose-Soft Natural
Lips-Classic (blush)


Description: I want my character to stand holding her hands away from each other, and her face looks worried. I will give you an example!

Her hands are positioned like this.

And this is what her face looks like

If you have anymore questions im here!

I’m sorry I’m late! Do you still need it?

Yes thank you!

Okay, I have a busy week, so it should be done next time next week

Okay thank you!

Okay, this is a VERY hard pose for me, so it’s not very good. I had to fill in some spots where I couldn’t fit anything, so it looks weird. Sorry about that.

It’s totally fine! Thank you so much!

Are u still open ?

I’m not, I’m sorry.