Olivia's outfit shop (free)

so i wanna make outfits bc why not so here ya go feel free to request
if you have an outfit pic that you want me to base something off of feel free

Body type and models


body type:
Age/Age Range:
Number of Outfits (max 12 per character) :
Outfit Style:
Occasion (if you have one :
Hairstyle (optional)
Anything Else You Would Like Me To Know:


hi there! thanks so much for opening this shop!!

body type: generic
gender: female
age: 16-17
number: 3
style: any!
occasion: school dance
hair: any!


here’s what i got if you need anychanges just tell me and if this isnt what your looking for i will gladly change it i dont mind

on model


Screenshot 2022-01-11 7.59.05 PM
Screenshot 2022-01-11 7.53.15 PM

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ooh! I really love the green one and will definitely use it in my story! ill make sure to credit you as well! thanks! :wink:


glad you like’em and no problem

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Hey! I would like to request, can I PM instead? :))

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yes ofc!