The deadline is next week Friday. I’ve seen some good entries still in WIP. Goodluck to everyone! Now, this is a contest for everyone to write whatever they want, please read my requirements of what I would like to read personally. U can promote your story ONLY IF IT FITS WHAT I WANT. THIS IS FOR OM ENTRIES, ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON STORIES THAT ARE NOT AN OM ENTRY.

I’d like to read stories that focus on:

  1. Male X Male.
  2. Women x Women.
  3. Disabilities.
  4. MC/LI Sexualities & Identities.
  5. Interracial Relationships.

:yellow_heart: The genre doesn’t matter.
:yellow_heart: I don’t care about CC, choices, point system, etc.
:yellow_heart: I care about the characters, their storyline, relationships with other characters, sexualities/identities, disabilities, etc.
:yellow_heart: Please DO NOT recommend stories that allow the readers to change their gender. I like how they are.
:yellow_heart: Only 1 MC/1 LI. I don’t like multiple MCs/LIs. Either 1 or 2 is fine, nothing more. Keep their gender as they are, I don’t want NO OPTION of choosing the MC and LI, or literally ANYTHING.

  • Name for MC/LI.
  • Choosing Gender of MC/LI.
  • Choosing their dating preferences.
  • Pronouns.

Leave them as they are, you as an author, vision how YOU want them to look, what do YOU want their dating preferences to be, what do YOU want to name your characters, etc.

:yellow_heart: For interracial dating, not just black x white, but also I’d like to see some black love. Black x Black, etc.

:yellow_heart: So, in other words, I am mainly interested in reading stories about sexualities/identities, interracial dating, and disabilities.

For example, a story that focuses on disabilities and sexualities/identities is Love With Your Heart by queen.trish.episode on Instagram. Their story focus on a Blind/Gay MC and Deaf (who wears a hearing aid)/Bisexual LI. Talks about their disabilities and their sexualities. The story can be combined or just focus on one topic.

If you comment on your story or someone else story, and it is NOT what I am looking for, I will kindly ask you to remove it. That is all. Thanks for reading.

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What does OM entries stand for? Seeing this everywhere and feeling uneducated🥲

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Replied to the thread about OM, so you’ll know what’s going on.

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it’s a writing contest where you can write about whatever you want :slight_smile: every few months there’s a new theme.

you could join if you want but it ends on Friday !


Do a Canadian human girl and an Irish vampire guy count as interratial :thinking:

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Yes, anything interracial is fine. The genre doesn’t matter. :heavy_heart_exclamation: As long as it is NOT an OM entry, because I am currently reading them.

Ahh sad, it’s an OM entry :sweat_smile: guess I’m not lucky :rofl:

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Ha!! I got you!! I was joking!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: @Aimee15

Share it!!! XDDDD

Oh oki :sweat_smile:

Here are the details.

Title: OM: Immortal Desires
Description: Isaac has been cut from his humanity for centuries. His only exciting endeavour was to get someone under his fangs until his prey became her. Bringing therefore Mayhem into his life.
Genre: Fantasy, drama, mystery, romance.
Details: 1 Female LI, Male MC, Art scenes, point system.
Choices: Choices matter.
Style: Limelight
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Thank you! :blush:

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Lol, yeah. I just looked back at my promoting thread and it wasn’t about entries but regular stories until I came back to this one. I almost got confused until I read it over. XDDD Oh, and love the cover btw. :star_struck:

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Aww thanks!

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