OM: She-Devil is out now! (1-4) Give it a try

Hey guys,

Yesterday I just published my first story and shared it on my Instagram and I’ve got so much amazing reviews and feedback from the readers. :heart: Now I’ve decided to promote the story here. I worked really hard on the first 4 episodes and I used a lot of overlays and effects in my story (many of them I’ve created myself). Currently I’m working on Episode 5. :heart:

I would really like you to support me and read my story. (Sorry, but I don’t accept r4r right now because I’ve got a lot of requests for r4r. My reading list is way to long already) :pleading_face:

Anyway, here is the story.

Link: OM: She-Devil

:smiling_imp:Title: OM: She-Devil.
:smiling_imp:Author: Anila

:smiling_imp:Description: Your life is perfectly planned until a mysterious stranger saves you from the hands of death. From now on, life is going to be a roller coaster. Will you survive this journey?
:smiling_imp:Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
:smiling_imp:Additional info:

  • Limited CC (can’t change eye color and hair colour)
  • Point system
  • Multiple endings (based on your points)

Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. :purple_heart:


Congrats on publishing!

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Yaaaaaay, thank you :heart:

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