I already have a list of OM entries to read, so OM entries ARE NOT ALLOWED for this R4R. As I am currently reading them. Other stories are allowed. Please read my rules BEFORE commenting on your story.



  1. I will be reading 4 Episodes ONLY, if your story has 4 episodes then that’s okay, if your story has long/short (1-30 etc.) episodes, then I will read ONLY 4.

  2. Send FULL screenshots (showing characters and dialogue) in this thread that you’ve read my story, and I will do the same. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE CUT OUT, SHOW FULL SCREENSHOT. DO NOT MESSAGE ME IN DM, WITH SCREENSHOTS, SEND THEM IN THE THREAD, HERE.

  3. If I have read your story before, I WILL NOT BE READING IT AGAIN, I will send a screenshot of the story that you send, that I’ve read before to show proof. Send a new story that you’ve written and I will read that one.

  4. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHEN I GET STARTED ON THE STORY. Once I start, I will send screenshots to you.

  5. If you want me to share your story for promotion on @lana_epi_reads, feel free to follow, message me on that account. I know I haven’t posted in a while because of life and other things. If you DO NOT have ig, then that’s fine.

  6. All stories will be read in order, meaning someone comments on their story, I will read their story, and if the next person comments, I will their story next. I will make a list, and tag you on the list.

  7. Please DO NOT ASK OTHERS for R4R in this thread, because I will get mixed up on who’s story to read next. So, either MESSAGE each other OR create an R4R thread.

  8. Choose only 1 style for the story, if the story is in Ink, then send the ink version, if it is in limelight then send it in limelight. Do not send the same story with different style versions.

  9. Please send your story link that is required for the R4R, I will not be looking for it in the app.

OM: The Moon’s Kin
By: lanafrazer_epsidoe
Instagram: lanafrazer.episode
Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Adventure, Action
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 1-4 (On-going)
Description: Displaced by war, and adopted by new kin, his identity must stay hidden lest his enemies track him down. With the help of a noble, and his peers. Will they succeed? (Male MC/LGBTQ)

Link: Episode Writer Portal


  • 1 Male MC
  • 1 Male LI
  • Advanced Directing
  • Music & Sound
  • Mini-games
  • Diversity
  • 1 Ending
  • LGBTQ+ Themes
  • Mature Themes

Will NOT contain:

  • CC/Limited CC
  • Art Scenes
  • Gem Choices (except for support author choice)
  • Point System
  • Choices
  • Custom Poses

Will revamp a few scenes after the contest!

More information:


:yellow_heart: Episode 4 is short because I did not have enough time to code more scenes
:yellow_heart: This story DOES NOT have any interactivity.
:yellow_heart: I didn’t have enough time to make custom poses as my job keeps me extremely busy as well as babysitting.
:yellow_heart:After the contest, Episode 4 will be revamped to be longer.
:yellow_heart:There are no CC, Art Scenes, Gem Choices except for supporting author, point system, etc.
:yellow_heart: PLEASE READ ALL 4 CHAPTERS and tap slowly.
:yellow_heart:If I have any errors, please let me know.

List of Stories:

Waiting for screenshots:


  1. @Didiwrites_episode
  2. @AdriGarai09

Screenshots Sent:

  1. @Didiwrites_episode
  2. @AdriGarai09
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I am up for R4R :slight_smile: I’ve recently published 5 episodes of my first story Game On but we can do 4x4

Title: Game On
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Number of episodes: 5 (Story is still ongoing)

Description: Valerie Tillman has some issues with her past and she shut her down for the last 3 year. Her best friend finally persuades Valerie to go on a blind date. When Valerie goes to the date, she meets with a mysterious man who will change her life completely. While dealing with her love life, she also needs to protect her company from possible threats.


To read my story, here is the link: Episode Writer Portal

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Reading now :+1:t3:

Completed. Awesome job on your first story! :100::fire: @Didiwrites_episode

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Also finished :slight_smile: Thanks for doing R4R with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I liked your story curious to see what will happen next :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much for doing this!

Title: Her Stolen Dream
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy
Author: AdriGarai09

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Thank you. :sunglasses:

Completed. Note: Make sure to add a flash warning throughout the episodes. Some readers are sensitive to flashing lights. :blush: @AdriGarai09

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Alrighty. Thank you.

I have started reading your story. A question: are the doggies actually talking? :dog:

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Thank you. :blush:

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