Ombre hair for characters


Hey guys!

I’ve seen some stories that have characters with Ombre/Balayage Hair and just wondering how I can do that to one of my characters? Is it possible?

Thanks guys!


which style?


Oops sorry didn’t add the photo. It’s like this? I’m using INK btw.


oo, the style in the photo you sent is LL so you can’t use that style in INK.


Damn :frowning: So there’s no possible way to do ombre?

Thanks for the heads up anyways xxx


unless you switch to LL, sorry girl :((

the Ombré hair in LL is so pretty though :sparkles:


Yessss! I love it :frowning:


Ink and LImelight have different characters features, it’s a different style…


Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: