!OMG! Can you believe this? Gem choices now for everyone on Episode! Thanks very much!

Gem Choices :heart:
You can now add gem choices to your stories. Adding them also helps you qualify faster for our Writer Payments Program.

To add gem choices you will need to make two changes:

give your choice a name (see text below in red)
add the tag (see text below in green)



He is almost here! I am not ready!
choice (gazebo_makeover)
“Give the gazebo a cute makeover”{
Let’s get this gazebo looking adorable!

}“Run and hide”{


    Quick! Let’s hide under the table.


While this feature is still new, you will only be able to see and test the gem choices in Web Previewer on the Writer Portal (since they will not appear while testing in your app). Initially these choices will also appear gold in Previewer, but silver in the app - this is a temporary issue which we hope to have resolved soon.

UPDATE: If you are an author and are testing your gem choices in the app it will deduct gems. If this happens to you, please contact support so we can help you. We are working on fixing this asap. In the meantime we recommend that you test your gem choices in Web Previewer.

To help your reader have a great experience with your story, limit your episodes to 2 gem choices per story branch. If more than 2 gem choices exist in any one branch of that chapter, the script will give you a warning message.

Writing awesome gem choices can be pretty challenging HERE is a comprehensive guide of how to make them GREAT!

All gem choices will automatically have the following prices:

2 gems for stories with less than 10,000 reads
5 gems for stories with between 10,000 and 100,000 reads
10 gems for stories with over 100,000 reads

The first choice encountered in your story by a reader will actually be free (*this happens automatically, no script changes are required on your end). Don’t worry! This will still count towards your Writer Payments gem choices chapter reads.

You can read more on episode’s guides from writer portal!:scream::scream::scream: It’s amazing! Thank you Episode! :heart: