Omg guys , help me please!

i was just writing script fixing them , adding , etc etc then in one sound it told me thaterror and i just write error%20sound can someone help me please !

Could you show more of the script please


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Put @pause for a beat beofre the sound?

i aldready did that but it doesn’t work


I’m not sure about the sound part but a little tip when it comes to spotting characters, if you want them to appear on screen at the same time rather than one after the other is by using the & :slight_smile:


&LUKE stands back far left AND LUKE faces right
&KENZY stands back far right
&GALAXIA stands screen left AND GALAXIA faces right
@LYNAI stands screen right AND LYNAI faces left

Maybe try music int_cafeteria_busy
Instead of sound?

I know the & command and i Don’t to happend it at the same time but thanks to trying to help

let me give yall more script so you guys can’t be confuse

Narrator has to ve spelled out

it needs to be and _ instrad -. i know there is some sounds there has that but they dont work

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omg thank you so much it working !

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