OMG: Helping Episodians Contest!

Hello, Episodians!

Welcome to the OMG: HELP CONTEST ! If your interested just send a PM with “accept” and you’ll automatically enter in the contest!


  1. Your response to a people that need help won’t be take into consideration if that episodian don’t solve his problem
  2. If someone report your answer (except the other “players” that are in the contest) you will be kick out from the contest so be carefully!
  3. You have to link the thread where you helped/liked/received a like on the private message
  4. If you have the same answer with someone that post before you, find other thread!

NOW, HELPING PEOPLE IS YOUR PRIORITY! SO DO IT BETTER :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:

What you have to do for:

1st place:

  • Help 30 episodians
  • Give 50 likes in total
  • Receive 20 likes in total
    -Unlock a new badge

2nd place:

  • Help 20 episodians
  • Give 30 likes in total
    -Receive 15 likes in total

3rd place:

  • Help 15 episodians
  • Give 20 likes in total
  • Receive 10 likes in total


1st place:

  • 2 follows on Instagram
  • A certificate with winner’s name and the profile picture
  • A topic about the winner

2nd place:

  • A follow on Instagram
  • A certificate with your name and the profile picture

3rd place:

  • A certificate with your name and the profile picture

P.S. Don’t forget to send me your Instagram page in the PM :wink:

Have fun! :kissing_heart:
-the contest starts in 2 hours and ends in 2 days
-if you didn’t understand something PM me until the contest starts

If you want to see my certificate…

BTW yours certificate won’t look like this…

Love :heart: it! I’m in, send you a PM later :grin:

Me, too!! :heart_eyes:

tysm! :grin::wink: