Omg Iโ€™m shook! (For You Pickle Adicts ๐Ÿ˜‰)


Ok so has anyone ever had like Bigs dill pickle seeds, dill pickle pistachios, or dill pickle peanuts? Well my sister and I personaly love the seeds but our mom sent us thisthis morning.


We promise weโ€™re not advertising but they have interesting stuff! They have soap that smells like a pickle! Have any of you heard of this before???


You have to click on the image to see it


Thatโ€™s cool I will have to check it out, so itโ€™s

Off Topic:

We have the same time zone


Yes it is,!


Where do you live? We used to live and St. Louis but we got a scholarship to S&T in Rilla.


Omg thatโ€™s so cool I live in rolla too!!! Do you have Instagram? Iโ€™d like to talk more!


Yes itโ€™s Claire.Cheyanne!


Ok awesome I will talk to you soon!