Omg i need help (opinions)

okay so… as a depressed teenager with deteriorating mental health :smiley:, I make a lot of inappropriate, dark jokes. and since my story is a comedy, i was wanting to include some dark humor. hear me out, i would definitely put trigger warnings a few seconds before the actual joke and I’d censor when needed. ALSO i would never go too far and make a racist joke or use any slurs.

BASICALLY I’m asking if you guys would read a story with dark jokes or if you’d be offended easily ?


I don’t know about anyone else but I am honestly into like any comedy, and I really like dark humor. I would love to read your story when it’s out!

I would definitely read your story since I really like dark humor. Hope your story goes well!!!

it really depends. Dark humor can be often offencive for somebody - even if it is not racist. So it depends what are you going to joke about. There is one story (I better forgot the name) which has specific humor and lot of people were offended by it and there was big movement to rip it down from the app.

In my personal opinion are people on the formum taking things much more sensitive then everage person and you have to be therefore more carefull.
Jokes about mental health or any kind of disability- people with this issue might feel offended
Jokes about look (not necesairly skin color) - people having the features the joke is about might feel offended
Making jokes about things like selfharm or rape - people who wehnt throu things like this will feel bad about it

atc…so it depend what you joke about dark humor or not.

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I would read!
As an adult with depression and deteriorating mental health :relieved: I enjoy dark humor
I’m my story we have a few dark joke but most are puns because some people are sensitive.
I haven’t got any backlash, thanks god!
But, I mean, the MC works at a morgue!!! HOW COULD I NOT USE DARK HUMOR?!?!

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It depends what the jokes are. Sometimes things can be excused for the sake of dark humor, but there’s times where it can be really offensive even if it isn’t racist. Personally, I would be good with reading most stories with dark humor.

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