Omg. it keeps saying that I have an unexpected block. I'm just tryna do the sexuality gain

Check the names of your labels. You have typos and that’s why they don’t match:

elif (intested_in_guys)

It’s still not working I updated it and wrote this

}elif (intested_in_guys){

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Did you already try what @Annieways said? Because that should be correct. :thinking:

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should i try this?

You need a } above the choice? Line 172.

If you want the choice to appear for the elif only, you will need to use gotos and labels.

No, I mean that you are using different labels because you have typos in your script. Try this:

gain interest_in_guys
gain interest_in_girls

elif (interest_in_guys)
elif (interest_in_girls)

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