Omg what's with the text effects spelling errors?

Ok soo I am participating in SWY contest so you know all the things matter also spelling errors and now what’s with the text effects now? IT was working properly a few days ago and now its coming as a spelling error!
Due to which now I have 74 spelling errors. So its happening with you all now?


yeah its annoying that spell check is marking episodes way of writing thats why I always have people read my story and re read it my self to makes sure. But if its working i would not worry about it> like as long as the dialog is spell correctly you should be fine

Yaa its working but like when i add 2-3 or more effects in a dialouge that dialouge is not appearing when i am previewing it but it is showing in my phone lol

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yeah that’s i get to as well I also get a glitch were it fades white not black. SO watch out for that as well
if it’s fine on the phone then it should be good.

:joy: sure it is happening recently only i thought it was only me…btw thanks

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The text effects do show spelling errors for some unknown reason. You can get past that by leaving a line in between the name and dialogue, it won’t mark it as a spelling error
(This can be done with all spelling errors that it marks)

I mean, it won’t do anything if there’s a spelling error but I like my script being CLEAN :upside_down_face:

Actually spacing i always do if i add it like you sent but when i am writing color effect only its showing as a error but thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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ngl i was really tempted to respond i’ll meet u by the flowers

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Lol that was a name for my upcoming story :joy:

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