On a scale from 1-10 how good are the new Episode stories?



On a scale of 1-10 how good are the new Episode stories?


Which number means the best?


Probably 10 you can go over 10 tho if you want XD


Then like a 4


I mean they’ve been improving, but they’re all so fast paced which I think is the only downside
like one minute you just met the person the next you’re making out in their bedroom
Ya know?


Oooh nice.


Yeahhhh that’s so true!


Pretty understandable.
The plot changes quickly.


Stories that are made from the public will always be better


Making stories takes time and effort, good writing skills, and lots more hard work.
So, I hope Episode or stories from the public come out to be fun and entertaining :slight_smile:


Public stories are like gems, you need to find your favourite story but episode featured stories are always in your face. You get sick of it!


Yeah, true.




But at the end of the day you gotta appreciate all the hard work that’s added on to the stories that are being published 24/7, so I gotta give Episode staff some credit, and ofcourse other authors out there.


Like Bad boys girl is a episode featured story and the shaw brothers is a written public story. Both have the same features (brother love triangle) but The shaw brothers is 10 times better!




I agree, The Shaw Brothers is a good story to read, very entertaining, and very detailed.


The shaw brothers should just be a episode featured story! :rofl:




Have you read The Royal Baby?