On average how many lines are in a episode

Hi everyone, I have a quick question, I am new to coding on episodes and have been wanting to do it for a long time. but my question is on average or actually what is the limit or requirement to publish an episode?

300 lines per episode and atleast 3 chapters well thats the requirement/minimum

i never knew that thank you greatly.

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There’s no real requirement but I think, per episode, you should aim for around 4-500 lines of dialogue-- sounds like a lot until you start counting what you have and see that an average scene between 4 characters can have 40+ lines of speech between them in a short scene.

The reason I say there isn’t a real requirement is because, depending on how you choose to set up your code, you can have 4 lines for every overlay or one line or no lines and just code them into your background line. CC templates can have a 100 lines. If your phone has a timer on it, use it to time how long it takes to read what you’ve coded. Most readers want to feel they’ve got their “ticket” worth and so most aim for 10-15 minutes, aiming for the 4-500 lines of dialogue ensures you get at least 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

I have learned with experience that lines are not what matter when writing an episode, but it’s the actual length of the episode. I try to make my episodes least 10 minutes.

10 minutes in one story with simple choices and simple directing could have significantly less lines than a story with advanced directing and branches (at least 1,000 lines less).

And coders also put notes and gaps in their scripts which are things that aren’t visible to readers and have no effect on an episode, but they can still add to the amount of lines in a script.