On episode I can log in with my new account

I cant sign into my new account. I log out and press long in and it just logs me back into the same account! I have a new one but I cant switch to it!


Someone please help me!!!

Maybe it will work if you uninstall the app, and then install it again :slight_smile:

How do I get the new effects and how do I get my characters to look more realistic like some others are.

@2litkylie27 This comment does not link to the topic. And what do you mean? PM if you still need help. :thinking:

This happened to me also. I researched it on Google. You need to stop Google from being able to automatically logging you into apps and online. I think you can do this through Google Chrome. I’m not sure if there’s another way. I recommended researching it online. :wink:

I go onto google, log out of my account, log into my other one, go into the writer’s portal, log out of my account and then click log in and it automatically does it. Pm me if you need mor help.


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