On Episode's Recent Community Story Story Payment Testing

We apologize for the confusion surrounding some testing that is currently running in the Episode app. We see that many of you are concerned about what you’ve seen and we hope we can shed light on what’s going on.

We’re running a short-term test for a few weeks on some top Community stories to explore new ways of helping support our community authors. We partnered with community authors to have their stories in the test, however, they are not responsible for the options presented to you, the player. We’ve heard from authors that it can be difficult to become a full time Episode author, and we’re looking for options that might make this easier for them to achieve that goal.

We’ve heard your feedback on this test, and wanted to let you know that this is a only a test, and not indicative of anything final that may happen on Episode in the future.

We also want to let you know that we have no current plans to permanently remove access to free content on Episode, including community stories.

We modeled this test after other ways you can support creators on different platforms. The idea behind this test is giving readers options to support authors by purchasing the content from them you’d like to continue reading. This includes a purchase per episode option, an entire story purchase option, and the option to wait for weekly releases of new episodes, or pay early to read ahead.

If you have any additional feedback on this test, contacting our support team (not the authors themselves) is the best way to give Episode feedback directly.


I can breathe again. Thank you.


Oh thank god!


Omg okay that makes sense, now I’m relieved.


Partnered with means the authors whose stories involved were made aware of this and consented, correct?


We can breathe again :sob:


Music to my ears


Lol I was so scared Reggie :rofl:


I don’t really understand what this is, or what it entails? I tried reading what you’ve said, and I’m even more confused. What is this testing, exactly? Also, is there a possibility that free content could be removed, even though you said Episode has no current plans to remove it?


Thank you!

thank you so much for clarifying :heart:

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Thanks for clarifying. I do have a few suggestions and will be emailing episode but I’m just waiting for more people to vote in my poll so I have better stats x


Thank you for clarifying! I think it’s awesome you guys are looking for ways to support authors :two_hearts:

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Thaaaank yoouu! :sob::kissing_heart:


Thank you so much for clarifying @Melani3! :revolving_hearts:


ps. I’m not religious

Still, thanks for supporting the authors, maybe you should add an actual support the author option that costs gems
My gems are just piling up, and I don’t use themmmm


Thanks for making things clearer! I was a bit concerned about all the community stories not being free. :+1:t3:

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So, why not just give us (authors) the option as to how many gems the reader pays to support us at the end of the chapters instead of defaulting the amount based on reads?? :woman_shrugging:


Omgggggg! this is the best news ever! finally! some fresh air!:heart::blush:

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So this post wins “The Good News of The Day” award!! :smile::smile::blush::hugs::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: