On line ## error? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

So, I’ve checked the obvious.
I have both the opened bracket { and the closed one}

I’m trying to make a choice with two option and it appears that the second choice is perfectly fine except for the first one.

First time creating a story on episode!
also, how do i make it not look so weird when i make them change clothes?

The word choice needs to be on the line above,

“Enjoy Mclife”{


i tried that already and it doesn’t work.

also, my other choices are in the format as shown in the picture and they work just fine.

There’s a full stop before the bracket, could that be the issue?

My brackets appear with it when I type them in.
I type choice and then this happens,


is there another way for me to do choices??

I wasn’t aware you could even write choices like that :thinking:

I’ve always written mine like this >

“Say Hi”{

Blah Blah Hi

}“Say Bye”{

Blah Blah Bye


I tried your way and it still says the Error thing.

Is it because I’m using the limelight version?

Writing choices isn’t different between any of the styles, the coding is the same.

What does the error message say?

It says:

There is a { on line 329 that does not have a matching }

sound alarmclock-beep

Change the dash to an underscore so it looks like this: sound alarmclock_beep

This will get rid of your error

Wow that worked lol.

Buttt now it says that “@DEREK SHEPHERD exits left fast” isn’t a command

how do i make this character run offscreen and back?

@DEREK SHEPHERD exits left fast

If you want him to to exit while running, you will need to make him exit while doing a running animation

@CHARACTER exits left and CHARACTER does it while [running animation]

If you want him to do it fast, you need to add time in seconds

@CHARACTER exits left in [time] and CHARACTER does it while [running animation]

Thanks y’all!

What’s your story called? I wanna read it :smile: