On The Court STORY πŸ€

OMARION IN THE HOUSE!!! Sup Ladies :yum:

Dante is MVP on the basketball team, when Bella joins the guys basketball team. Will she mess up his game???


Includes: Sexism, Male MC, Limted CC

  • Hell Yeah, Omarion
  • I don’t know, homie
  • Boy screw that idea.

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It’s because the girl and a boys basketball team, so yeah I have to add some realism there fam. I’m new what’s

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Nah it’s cool lol - ohh right, i thought you meant that you supported lol

Also, I dunno if you were asking lol but a controversial topic is something that people can get offended by or a lot of people can have arguments about.

sorry, i won’t delve too deep. Anyway, yeah, your story looks interesting :wink:

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Ohh that’s what is is, thanks for telling me. Besides I would never support some stupid sh*t like that.

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I love that idea!!! :heart::kissing_heart:

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