On the Lookout for a Writing Partner!

Hi! My name is Jayden and I’m in the process of making a new story called “The Boy From Junior High”. I would love to have someone more experienced than me to help me along the way. I could use a lot of help with the coding ad scripting especially. Also, someone who can match my dedication. Possibly someone who can give me constructive criticism to help me improve my work. If you have any further questions please PM me or reply to this thread. :white_heart:

Hey I could try to help however I can

Hello all, I love writing fan fiction, but I like writing with a partner. Does anyone like writing about these fandoms:

Backstreet Boys

New Kids On The Block

One Tree Hill


Beverly Hills 90210

Blue Bloods

Grey’s Anatomy

Gilmore Girls

On My Block

Once Upon A Time

The Mighty Ducks

& Leonardo DiCaprio

Please respond if interested, thank you.

I can help!

Are you interested in any of the topics?

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The best pick for me would probably be On My Block, but to be honest I don’t pick anything specific to write fanfic about.

Oh well, as of now I am really interested in writing a fan fiction for The Mighty Ducks movie because that’s something I just fell in love with recently even though it’s an old movie.

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