On the search for a coding/writing partner

Good day guys!
I am looking for writing but mostly coding partner who would collaborate with me in a story project(s). I am relatively new to all of this and would like someone to support me with their knowledge whom I would support with the endless depths of my creative mind. :yum:


  • experienced in Episode’s coding and plotting stories
  • patience (:D)
  • shouldn’t mind LGBTQ+ topics/stories/characters

What I can offer

  • a huge arsenal of plots (mostly bxb but can be transformed into basically everything)
  • writing the scripts/screenplays
  • years of experience in character development/analysis and writing
  • character design (including outfits for every occasion!)
  • if needed backgrounds/art for the story

If you are interested or have any questions, just reply to this topic and I will gladly send you a private message to discuss any further details!

Have a good day!
xoxo Devyn


What do you mean by experienced? Like how much do you consider experienced?

It would be good if you knew how to combine animations with dialogues and how to code choices (as I find them ridiculously intimidating! D:)

Oh that’s pretty simple! I can teach you if you like. I also have randomly acquired other knowledge about coding at some point, not entirely sure when, where or how, but y’know, I’m not complaining.

I figured I’m more of a director than a coder myself but I won’t say no to that offer!

You can try to look at joseph evans videos on youtube. they are pretty helpfull for newbies

I already watched a few of them, thank you for the advice however! But I am mostly looking for a partner so that the work is shared and something can be created together. :3