On What should be a story based on?

Hi!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am having trouble in deciding what should my story be based on. So…any suggestions?? :relaxed: :relaxed:


Whatever you’d like it to be about.<33

but please no mafia glorification crap-:no_good_woman:t5::sob:

I like stories with an interesting plot.


So should it be about romance, drama, comedy, fantasy, horror etc.?

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It’s honestly up to you what genre you’d like to write in. But don’t write a specific genre just because people tend to read it more cough cough those mafia ass romances-, write a genre that YOU want to write about, so you can enjoy doing it in the process. I don’t care what genre the story is in, as long as it’s interesting, well-written and meaningful. Best of luck though. :heartbeat:



It’s really up to you. You’re the one writing it, so if you’re more interested in the idea, the better the story will be.

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Romance is the most expandable thought and interesting for me as well, fantasy is my number one go to but there are just too less resources to pick from.
Try listening to music for ideas!

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I love everything except Action Mafia and Fantasy :sparkles:

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