On writing the stories on episode interactive it will not let me preview this

Am not sure if any one else has had this,
But I started writing my story on my phone and go the internet and type in episode interactive and would write it. I would some times let me preview this and there.
#But I have now saved up enough money to buy a laptop.
So am now writing this on my laptop and after write next to save it says preview I press it and this is what it says all the time:
Failed to get chapter info!
am not really sure what to do but could some maybe direct me in the right direction?

Are you sing chrome?


Only google, sometimes bing

What laptop?


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What brand is the laptop like dell, Lenovo?

HP is the make the model is BO&

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Maybe your wifi. The only other thing I can think if is when I got my new laptop I had the same issue then I noticed it was because It was using Edge I had to switch the browser from Edge to Chrome mainly Chrome only works for episode interactive so maybe switch your browser if you havent already

When I was on my phone it worked sometimes :confused: and I didn’t have chrome, ok I will have a look thanks though :slight_smile:

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