ONCE AGAIN... Keeps freezing

It mostly happens when you use a laptop. I use it on occasion, but when you have a desktop computer like me, freezing happens rarely. I’m really sorry you’re going trough this! An artist that is forbidden to do their art, might lose the hope for their vision :weary:

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I hate it when I’m switching between tabs, and I go to the tab with my portal and then it refreshes for no reason, leading me to lose all my progress :tired_face:

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Same here! I am so desperate :unamused:

Actually a desktop is all I use and that’s when it always happens. It stinks that’s for sure!

Maybe there’s something wrong with your internet? I’m working on a desktop all the time too, and sometimes certain sites keep freezing while I want to load them :no_mouth:

I can assure you when no other websites have problems besides this one, while watching Netflix and it doesn’t have any problems as well, and many others on this site have the same problem I do, it’s not my internet.

I am so annoyed. Whether I am trying to review it on the preview thing or just typing or selecting something the website will freeze up to 5-15 seconds and completely glitch out whatever action my character was doing. This is a new mac desktop. It isn’t a storage issue, it isn’t a memory issue (I literally got this yesterday), and no other websites have been doing this-- just the writers portal. I hope they fix this soon because I’m starting to get reeeeally annoyed here.

It won’t be fixed. I’ve been writing for several years and the issue always stays the same.

Yep this happens to me constantly as well as the “story node” thing. Both of them are driving me up the wall.

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