Once again overlay just doesnt work

@overlay VIRUS opacity 0 in 1.0


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@overlay VIRUS opacity 0.5 in 1.0

This is the code, the overlay does not show up at all.

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what did the error in the box said?

there is no error, the overlay just doesnt show up

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hm, have u refreshed the page?

yes and i also tried to see if it works on mobile but it doesnt

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Maybe you cant find the overlay click on directing help and click on overlay (it says overlay something cant remember) and drag a round the screen to find it


Overlay Helper.


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that does seem to be the problem, the overlay is too big rip.
ill make a new one, thanks!

Noooo you can shrink ittttt

@overlay OVERLAY.NAME shifts to ------ in zone 2
@overlay OVERLAY.NAME scales to -------- in zone 2
(if you only have my zone please delete the “in zone 2” or if you wanna have it in a different zone just change the “2” to the zone you want it to be)

Just copy the numbers on there (thats where it moves there is a different one that scales)

You can’t use overlays on INT. BLACK - NIGHT
You’ll have to upload a new background as plain black if you want to use a black background. Shrinking the overlay won’t help either :slight_smile:

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