One Chapter At A Time (Writing Group Recruit)


I am looking for a group of people to join my first writing group, “One Chapter at a time”!

I love doing art, and writing stories, but I always seem to need a little help, and never finish stories! So this is my chance to find others and to come together to make great stories! I am looking for:

*Artisit (2-3)
*Brain stormers (2-3)
*Coders (2-3)
*Outfit designers (1-2)
*Plotters (1-2)
*Social media platformers (1-2)
And a bunch of people ready to make some great stories!

You can apply down below with this form:

-Applying role(s)
-Do you have discord?
-1-10 availability?
-In any other groups?


Lilly (aka chris cousin)


*Brain stormers
*Outfit designers
*Social media platformers


yes Episode diamond the group your in


Ok! I’ll take it into consideration.

P.S- that is only an art group. I kinda meant a group that does a bit of everything.


Hi I’m applying to the group!


Name: Caylie
Age: 12
Role: Outfit Designer
Do you have discord?: Yes
Availability: 10
In any other groups?: Yes I’m in Episode Diamonds


@Jeremy please close this


am I in


I am no longer doing this, apologiesssssss