One chapter publish


Is there a way where i can publish one chapter withoit doing two others maybe even a hack lol


I don’t think so no. I believe you cant release any stories until you have at least 3 episodes and 400 beats for specifically dialogue.


Yeah there is a way.

In chapter 1 you have the story.

You copy the story to chapter 2 and in chapter 3.

At the begging of chapters 2 and 3
You send readers to the end with goto


I advise you to do this because it is a requirement to have 3 episodes with at least 400 lines each.


Another way you can do it is create a ‘code’ and put it in chapter 2 and 3, (how to create a code here: A Guide to Typed-in Choices), then only tell your readers the code once you’ve finished and published the second and third episode! This way your readers don’t waste tickets and are waiting excitedly for your next chapters.


How do you use goto im sorry i am stupid lmao :joy:


Is it 400 lines in general or 400 lines of dialogue and not actions as well


It’s at least 400 lines in the script.

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