One character talking, whilst another doing an action?

The talk angry emotions last really long so I wanted them to go to idle_angry_arms_crossed after they finish speaking. That worked, although there is a huge pause between every bit of dialogue. Can anybody help me to get one character speaking, whilst another is doing an emotion? Xx

Use this - &
Instead of @

Use it for what? can you please give an example to fix:
JAKE (talk_angry)

@JAKE is idle_angry_arms_crossed

    AUSTIN (talk_angry_stubborn)
It's not your apartment...

@AUSTIN is idle_angry_arms_crossed

&JAKE is idle_angry_arms_crossed

AUSTIN (talk_angry_stubborn)

It’s not your apartment…

&AUSTIN is idle_angry_arms_crossed

Won’t that make them idle_angry_arms_crossed whist speaking?

No because it is a different character speaking in this case. Jake is doing the idle while Austin talks.

I will try it then get back to you if it doesn’t work xx

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! it worked! <3

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