One Episode Should Be How Long?


I have been working on a story and after finishing the first chapter, I timed it. It turned out being around 11-12 minutes long. Is that long enough? How long do you guys prefer your episodes?


Yh it may bore someone but as long as there are some juicy bits each 4-5 mins you should be fine


Thanks for your response! This will definitely help me in the future as well :slight_smile:


I’ve heard many people say the 10-15 minute range is good. You shouldn’t go over that because it may bore some readers. :sweat_smile:


I heard that somewhere too, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the tip :blush:


Up to you. Episode has a minimum of 400 lines per episode before you can publish it.

Not too long per episode because not only it may bore the readers but the plot may actually end up to be draggy.


My episodes are usually 1,500+ lines and I think it’s a good length :slightly_smiling_face: When I add templates and branching, it can even get to 3000 :see_no_evil:


It seems like a good length. Thanks for the advice!


Yeah, I try to make my episodes meaningful and not draggy, but I’m never really sure. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


But what if like I add the customize choice?


Then it gets to about 4,000 :slight_smile:


Mine are like 3 mins…


Depends on the plot dynamic.
But overall I would say 5 to 10 minutes.
With my story, I have a couple of plot lines happening, various secondary, but important characters, so I go a 10 minutes episode, and for me it is around 1800-2500 lines, depending on directing complexity.




Finally :DDD I will try to publish 4th episode today as well


whoop whoop