One in a billion (Sci-fi, action) need 2 co-writters for this project)

This is a project that I am excited to work on! 1 in a billion is about the alien apocalyptic that stars Dallas Wilson who gets a vision in a dream about death, fires and drowning and green zombies surrounding him. Only to find out that his vision comes true and he survives along with a few of his classmates. This is story where you can expand your ideas. I want writers who are not afraid to create a story outside the box and be as weird as possible. Let you creativity shine!

I WOULD LOVE TO! really! I am not the best, but I am creative and I’m good at the basics and such!

Hey Ivy!

Tonight I can send you what I wrote so far so you can get an idea, I’m really excited that you are interested in
participating in my story.

Please ask as much question as you want

Thanks! Dyana


Thank you! How do you send it though? Like, how do I get there?

I will send you a link but I’m at work right now so I can’t send you what I’ve done so far but I will. When my shift
is over.


All right. I am going to have to leave in about 15 minutes but it’s ok.
This is the link. So far I’m just working on the characters .

Let me know if you can access the story

thank you!


It says

Let me see if I can give you access. I’ll do everything I can

Alright, thank you!

I can help you with directing and coding if u want.

Directing and coding is my biggest issue thanks!

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