One last post... I need help putting together a bar scene?


I need to have my character behind the bar, as if she’s bar tending. I also want to have a male character on the other side of that bar, with his back facing the camera.

But, I need to figure out how to switch the view points so that the camera gets both of their faces, back and forth. I know I would have to do a scene change, but I guess I just need to figure out how to get my character BEHIND the bartop.

Do I just find a bartop overlay and put it in front of my character? Or, are the episode backgrounds able to do that by just putting my character at a different layer? And if so… which one? I don’t know enough about layering :frowning:


Some background do have built in overlays but I haven’t seen a bar one.
So yes, I suggest finding a counter overlay.