One Lesser-Known Thing about My Country

I’m from Cali :sun_behind_large_cloud:

~ We don’t have an earthquake every day (I think the last notable one was five years ago? And it was pretty small…)

~ There aren’t famous people everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. All Texans are trained to clap 4 times if you say this line first: “The stars at night are big and bright…” and then we will yell “DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS” regardless if you join us or not and think we’re cool (because we are :sunglasses:).

  2. This is something many Americans don’t even know that I feel is important but the Republican party was actually created in 1854 for the purpose of ending slavery

  3. Texas is the friendliest state, no contest. We smile and wave at everybody from our cars or horses. We tip our hats and we will shake your hand <3 Texas is the home of the most chivalrous boys.

  4. Texas Pride is very serious. We are the only state that can secede, which means that we can become our own country, at any time without the government doing anything about it. A part of this as well, is that we are the only state who can raise our flag at the same height as the American flag respectfully (Of course other states can do it, but it is disrespectful to the country) <3

  5. Texas is actually a minority white state. In 2016, the population was 33% white, 47% Hispanic and 12% black. <3 <3 The changing demographics don’t change the fact that Texas is the best state, even though some people think we think that and some people think it is a bad thing >.>

  6. Texas has a small county called Van Zandt that is actually technically its own country because both Texas and America is too lazy to do anything about the paperwork when Van Zandt won its independence. So during the Civil War, the Free State of Van Zandt tried to secede from Texas and when they won an ambush fight, they got super drunk and arrested. Everyone just decided to ignore these events. LOL

  7. Texans do not think we have accents, but we do. LOL >.> I don’t even notice mine until I hear myself in a recording. I literally think I sound like everyone else in the Midwest and around this area.

  8. If Texas were to secede, we would be fine and America with 49 states would need Texas because the oil we produce in this state is a huge part of the economy.

  9. Myth: Texans are intolerant - this goes with Texas being super friendly. We love everybody. We won’t always understand you, but we’ll have a beer with you anyway if you’d be willing <3 <3 In fact, we have extremely diverse places, our big cities where the one thing we all have in common is our Texas Pride! <3

  10. We will practically throw up drinking unsweet tea, but down some of the most harsh alcoholic drinks like it is water. And we hate it when people give us unsweet ICE tea, and sugar packets, like…smh, northerners. LOL

God bless Texas!! :us:


These facts just convinced me to add Texas to my “Must Visit” list of countries :joy:


Heh! Totally should! You’ll be very welcomed. Texas is known for superb hospitality <3 <3

Also, do you mean visit Texas as the state or do you not live in America? I know what you meant by what you said, but…yeah >.> LOL

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No, I live in Europe :grin:
But from what I learned about American countries, Texas belongs to the most fascinating ones. Plus I’m a former rider so Texas as a ‘cowboy state’ sounds interesting as well lol


Heard ^^

Oh yeah, rodeos are a big deal, here, too. ^^

Ever been to a rodeo?

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They aren’t so popular here in Europe I guess so nope. My riding phase started with western but I continued with show-jumping and a little bit of dressure. But my own personal dream is to come back to riding and buy a spotted horse :joy:
American Paint Horse or Appalossa are obvious choices but I doubt any of them would like show-jumping lol


My favorite horse is the Clydesdale by far!! So big and beautiful <3 <3 War horses are majestic <3

Belgian/American Warmblood would do ya mighty nicely for jumping. The noriker, lippizan and Irish Draught are prettier tho.

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Oh, and the Shire Horse <3 <3

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I’m from Belarus :belarus:
And we we practically don’t speak Belarusian language, here people speak Russian language)
We have a really beautiful nature: a lot of forests, lakes and fields)
we also! have a very rare animal, it looks like a bison, but taller and thinner. we call it “zybr”.
image image



Zybr’s looks so cute. I want one


Ok I’m Canadian and people will be like oh you must love maple syrup and poutine. No I do not most people dont either we are basically labeled with these foods because we are the founders of poutine and theres a maple leaf on our flag. We have nanaimo bars and puffed wheat squares most places dont have them or just found out about them. And hockey is our second national sport. Well national winter sport as well. Who knew lacrosse could become the nation sport when most people dont even know what it is.


Nah, NZ is the one that basically has the earthquake every other day.


And I’m from Italy!
And, surprise surprise, we don’t eat pizza all the time~ Like but no, seriously. I met people from other countries that genuinely thought that we eat pizza almost everyday? An easy way to die.


My Granny’s directly from Sicily. We had spaghetti every Sunday dinner.

Do you have a tradition like that?

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Not really, especially because my family is made of only me and my parents and we don’t eat all together at a table.

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I was in Italy and that’s my favorite country :heart_eyes::heart: I just adore your cuisine, architecture, nature and people​:heart::heart:


I’m gonna add another one for the land down under… Something I learnt studing Family Law in legal studies in Year 12…


Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive technology ( ART ) where a woman (the surrogate) offers to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of another person or couple and then return the baby to the intended parent(s) once it is born.

So in Australia, it’s illegal to pay for a woman to carry your baby. She can do it for free, but she’s not allowed to receive gifts or payments in any form. So a lot of people end up going to another country where they’re allowed to pay someone to carry their baby, since there’s not many people willing to volunteer their uterus here.

But if you think the poor surrogate mother gets the short end of the stick, think again! Because a surrogate mother has all the rights. Even when there’s a contract in place, if she gives birth and decides she wants to keep the baby - even if it’s not her egg - she can! She’s legally the mother of the child until the adoption papers are signed, so she can do whatever tf she wants. Another reason why many couples will fly to another country to find their surrogate.


OMG! Reals?! Damn!


Yes! It’s an outrage! :weary: