One LI vs. Multiple LIs

Do you prefer a story with one LI or do you prefer a story with multiple LIs? I personally prefer a story with just one LI and when there’s a story with multiple LIs, I often feel terrible for the other LI when making the final choice.


I prefer one LI.

A lot of stories focused on several LIs tend to have immature characters that do immature things. Of course, nobody’s perfect, but a lot of those stories rely heavily on characters being incapable of being mature to create a plot.
When there is a mature character in multi-LI stories, they are done dirty. I also feel like a lot of stories with several LIs tend to make all the LIs the same character with slightly different traits and appearances.
Another thing I find annoying about multi-LIs stories is when authors don’t even consider polyamorous relationships. On the rare occasion that they do, it’s to sexualize the heck out of them. X.x


I prefer 2 LIs, that way I have a second choice/option incase I don’t like one of them but it really depends on the type of story and how it’s written.


I actually share this opinion. I feel so bad if I have to dump the other.


I find it depends on the story i’m reading, normally I read a story with just one LI but sometimes 2. For me to like the 2 LI’s option is the two have to be different, they can have a few similar character traits but the have to be two different characters with different personalities.

For the one LI option it is easier for me to remember what happened in the past episodes if it’s been awhile since the author updated, instead of having to remember what LI I currently like more and making the right choices for that.


If the story is supposed to be romance, I prefer one love interest. I don’t see any point in playing around with the hearts of two people just to dump one in the end.

The only scenarios I can stand more than one love interest are:

  • reality shows
  • when the mc already likes / is in a relationship with someone and then a new character comes in and makes the mc question her life choices.
  • if it’s an ex or someone the mc already knew before.
  • when the author can actually balance it out and show us a connection or why the mc likes these two people because usually there’s absolutely no reason except one is a “bad boy” and the other is a “golden boy”.

AND now let me just pull up something I wrote about love triangles.



my first reason would probably be that in most books where love triangles include the main character, he/she tends to be naive. he/she is literally leading two people on, and from experience, leading people on ends in tears. like bro, choose who you like, and if you can’t choose then don’t give either of them hope. like bro where are your manners?

it sucks because the main character HAS to choose eventually, and getting with one means breaking the other one’s heart and in most episode books i’ve seen, nothing actually happens when you choose one over the other except you choose when they are both standing in front of you. other than that, they don’t even show the mc going to tell the unchosen one that oh, im sorry that i didn’t choose you even after all the free food. instead, they just move on with the chosen one like he was ever the only option.

but in my opinion, how would you NOT know who you like more? speaking from johnny depp’s point of view, if you fall for two people, you should go with the second one because if you truly loved the first person you wouldn’t have fallen for the second person.

in the case of actual books or episode books where you don’t get a say, the main character may end up with the second person that NOBODY likes. i watched a series where the bad guy was the boyfriend of the mean girl who ‘surprisingly’ was a cheerleader and then he turned ‘good’ and developed feelings for the main character who the mean girl’s brother (who ‘surprisingly’ was the captain of the basketball team) also liked. if it sounds confusing, sorry. my point is, the whole book is rendered useless when the main character ends up with the person who just popped up in her life and made no difference in it. oh, and the girl in the series ended up with no one.

the whole book is rendered useless when the main character ends up with the wrong person. the story plot also becomes unimportant because we want to know who they end up with by all means, and some people are so crazy to the extent that when the suspense is too much, they skip chapters to find out who the person ends up with, and if they are good with it, they continue with the book. i did that with the series i was watching because it was getting so annoying, to be honest. smh.

this probably has to be the worst out of them all : when you, as a reader, like both love interests. you find it impossible to choose who you want the main character to end up with. on rare occasions, you might not be heartbroken if you feel like one of the love interests was better off as a friend.

AND SOO I feel that if you want to have a book with more than one love interest, make them okay with being friends or at least on good terms after everything. And give them reasonable choices with the LIs. Don’t give the mc a chance to have sex with both LIs only to make them choose in the end. That’s next level playing and that’s sooo mean.

Thank you for coming to my ted-talk.


I would say in some stories, multiple LIs could work, especially the kinds that you’ve mentioned, but if you’re doing say a straightforward romance story, then it’s best to just use one LI.

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I usually prefer M LIs. If there’s only one LI, and I don’t like him/her, I’m stuck with that LI. With multiple LIs I have options.

I think they should be left out entirely. Humans aren’t polyamorous (I would know, I have an anthropology degree. Yes this is a flex.) and for good reason.

Actually, I think it would be great if there was an Episode story with polyamorous relationships.

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I read a story that offered a poly relationship years back. It was still mostly heavy on sexualizing poly relationships, but there were some really sweet moments too! You could tell that both the LIs also have romantic feelings for each other. The story also had some of the best representation of healthy relationships I’ve seen on Episode. : )

It was in a fantastical setting, which was interesting too!

Before I could finish typing this comment, I started looking for the story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, but if I do end up finding it, I’ll update this comment.

I found the story: ‘The Darkness Within’ by Jess Fox.
If you’re looking for a fantasy romance, you might like this story! : D

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Let me know if you find it.

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I personally like one LI because almost always at the end of the story it has you pick between them and I would never be able to pick. I wouldn’t mind having two but I feel like it would be too much work having to keep up with both and there feelings.

Well, clearly there are some humans that are because my sister knows a few people that are polyamorous and have been in happy stable relationships for years. So it may be more accurate to say that the majority of humans are not. Though I am curious, from an Anthropological perspective, is it possible the lack of known polyamory throughout history is the result of various organized religions and sects rising and deciding to try and control peoples sex lives and orientation?

I used to like having 2 because there’s more of a choice that the reader can make, but I prefer 1 now, because keeping up with 2 love interests with different personalities and one of them has a dark secret or something is kind of annoying lol

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When then again I’m also just not a fan of polyamory/polygamy. And isn’t it illegal in most countries, especially in 1st world countries?

From memory not really. It was mostly practiced by the wealthy and in some African countries in old times, and no human ancestors/ relatives have shown no evidence of polyamory relationship.
One of the downsides of polyamory is the increase and spread of STIs.

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To my knowledge, and I’m by no means an expert, polygamy or marriages between multiple people is illegal in most if not all 1st world countries. But having a polyamory relationship without marriage isn’t really legislated one way or another. But again, it’s not my area of expertise. The other info you supplied is very interesting though.

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just one LI! when there’s multiple it gets messy, even if it’s written perfectly.
however sometimes when i’m feeling chaotic i like to read stories with 3+ LIS and cause havoc


I found the story! Look for ‘The Darkness Within’ by Jess Fox.
Here’s the description: A reoccurring dream leads you on an adventure you never expected. Will you fall for a mad jester or a dark prince in a world full of dreams and nightmares?