One love interest or multiple?

Hey guys! So I’m currently writing a story and I decided to just have one love interest in it. I actually prefer having only one love interest in a story because you can see how good their chemistry is and how well they bond. :two_hearts: I want to know your thoughts about it so please feel free to comment! :blush:
Also please answer the poll below!

  • I prefer having one love interest
  • I prefer having more than one love interest

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I don’t know if I prefer to have 1 or more than 1, but I do prefer not to have more than 2.

One love interest, with the option to be alone at the end.

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Yes 100%

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If a story is well-written, I say multiple love interests (max 2… 3 if you are really good). Because usually when there is only one love interest, by the end of the story, I wish MC could end up alone. Sometimes characters need not to know how they feel.

But then again, these love interests should not be forced on the reader, right? Perhaps if you added the choice to reject some of their moves (the most important ones as kisses or really intimate moments). The points system is great for that!


I tend to like having just one love interest as well, because authors seem to lavish their focus and characterization on that character more when there’s less LIs to worry about.

My only issue with multiple is if I’ve been consistently choosing romantic options for just one person, then it’s frustrating for the narration to be like “I’m so conflicted with my feelings for both x and y.” Other than that, if I like them as characters, multiple love interests is perfectly fine with me. :slight_smile:

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If you’re gonna make your first love interest a cliched bad boy who treats women like crap then I would want two love interests.

Hi I believe one love intrest is okay but I honestly prefer more than one that way you are able to choose witch character you feel the most connected. It’s always great to have options.

I prefer one only because having multiple can be really great in some stories but those stories are rare so one is fine or atleast 2. When i have only one I expect the author to give me a choice to stay with him/her.

Don’t worry, the love interest is not going to be a bad boy.

Well, that is the most important thing to begin a story :joy:

Anyway, I am not a professional and I do not know whether this is your very first story or not, but if you are going to stick with one LI (which is totally fine!) I only advise you to plan their (his?) personality throughly before your story spirals into a 30-episode monster or something. Sometimes, working so much time on the same story with the same characters may lead us to abrupt changes on the characters’ personality and in the end they will be like 3 different people in one body LOL. We either get tired of them or our passion winds up getting the worse out of us.

Or if you are lucky, you handle everything right :joy:

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Multiple LIs, because if one of them is unlikeable (cough obilgatory bad boy cough), at least I’ll have someone else for the MC to end up with.

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I don’t mind other love interest, I can do either or. Preferably multiple, the most 3 but I say that might be pushing it. I like when I can choose whoever I wanna fall in love with. Love the bad boy\good guy thing even though it’s overly used. It’s a good place to start, I love the different personalities.