One of my characters is not showing up on the app but is on the computer preview? HELP

What do I do? I need help. This is my problem one of my characters is not showing up on the app, but it will if I restart the app from where I left off but if I press update script on the app it again won’t show my character… but the silly thing is my character will show up on the computer preview.

What is wrong? :cry: :rage:

It didn’t work what else can I do? :cry:

It doesn’t work if you just go home on my device then then reopen the app but sometimes it works if I just restart the app… it’s kind of like refreshing the app because I’ve got an apple device.

It sounds like this is just your device, does it also happen when you read other stories or just your own?

Most of the writer portals are not working right now. That’s what everyone is saying.

It only happens on my own stories no one else’s :thinking:

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Thank you for letting me know that :relaxed:

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Np :heartbeat:

I find out today. If you keep pressing >> 10 lines some time it won’t show your characters.