One of my characters keep disappearing?

I’ve been struggling with this for a while, and nothing seems to be working. Basically, I have a scene with the mom and the dad together in my story, but the dad won’t show up when I preview it on my laptop or my phone. I’ve tried making him enter and go to his spot, and re-writing it multiple other ways. He sometimes shows up if I just use a basic spot like “screen left”, but he doesn’t look right there compared to the mom, and I want him placed in a specific spot. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch, or if I’m doing something wrong. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:


And he doesn’t show up when I preview it. I’ve tried making him face the other way after I place him too, and it didn’t help.

Try writing this…

@cut to zone #

…after the background name.

It didn’t work:( Thanks for attempting to help though. The whole thing is really weird and bizarre.

Try to use one of the “normal spots” (screen left, upscreen left, etc) for the dad. Just to try if it’s that?

Now even that isn’t working. Dang.

try adding the zone number that the character is in!

@cut to zone #
@DAD spot 1.280 70 29 in zone # AND DAD faces right
@MOM stands screen center in zone # AND MOM faces left

You can even do it on the same line ^

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For some reason, I think it must have been a glitch, the dad just wouldn’t show up. I just re-made the character and it seemed to work :man_shrugging:

episode is going through a lot of lags & glitches right now in the portal, so what happened to you is perfectly normal! i’m always here to help you out <3

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