One Of My Lines Isn't Working! Please Help!

When writing, I’m pretty good with layers. But when I want one of my overlays to move to a layer, it seems to be an error. I’ve read it over and over again, and I even replaced the overlay with a different one to see if the overlay is the problem. When I changed the overlay to another one, it worked fine! But I’ve reset the Background Art Catalog and the actual script but it still wont seem to work!

Please, if anyone can help please do Xx Thanks! Xx

@overlay OVERLAY to layer #

So, perhaps try:
@overlay GUOL THEOS BR - WALL AND CURTAIN to layer 4

I’m sorry, I’m not of much help :sweat_smile:

I tried it but it didn’t work, thank you anyway though! xx

I feel like there might be an error somewhere else : )

don’t think so because when I deleted that line my script worked perfectly x