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Welcome to the official fan club for One of the Girls by @amberose

Now I don’t know about everyone here, but I personally haven’t read much any comedy stories on the app. As soon as I read the first episode of this story, I knew I had to make this thread.

Please note that the rest of this post will include spoilers.

Story description if you're not familiar:

Nobody could have prepared Jesse for his first year of college. Why? Because the college administrations board has officially enrolled him as a female.

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Questions for discussion!

  • Who is/are your favourite character(s)? Why?
  • Favourite scene?
  • Funniest scene?
  • How up to date are you?
  • Favourite screenshot?
  • What do you love about the story?
  • Show us your Lara/Hannah/Celeste/Jesse?
My loves

My Celeste is currently under construction.
And yes, my Lara is me. I’m not ashamed of it.

Favourite characters?
Lara and Jesse. And no, not just because she looks like me but because I love her attitude and humour. She always makes me laugh the most. And Jesse is just so precious? How can you not love him? He’s so dumb and adorable and deserves everything good! I would die for you Jesse!

Funniest scenes?

Definitely the meth dealer coach and when Jesse and Celeste almost died in a fire? I cried. I’m sorry.
Oh and when Celeste’s boyfriend literally cloned Jesse? I- oh my God. That was hilarious. How did she even code that? It’s beyond me, but when he reached his full form and was an exact copy of Jesse? I lost it.
Oh and Celeste’s gigantically tall boyfriend? That was definitely a top 10 moment.
Me 3 days later:
Oh and that moment when–

I’ll stop myself and let you all fangirl now.


I-… Oh my gawd you used forum text effects for this :hushed:
Thanks you @kheyrwrites this was so sweet :two_hearts:


Wow someone make those cringe couple memes:
If she uses forum text effects for you it’s real :heart_eyes::yum::see_no_evil:

No need to thank me love, it’s a wonderful story and I need a place to fangirl about it.


This is like an amazing thread! One of the Girls is one of my current favourite stories.

Although I just started it and am only on episode eight, it’s hilarious. And @amberose is an amazing author.


Who is/are your favourite character(s)? Why?
Jesse! I normally don’t like the dumb characters but there’s something endearing about

Favorite scene?
It was super wholesome when Jesse helped Celeste’s boyfriend get her a Christmas present.

How up to date are you?
Chapter 21

What do you love about the story?
It’s funny, and I actually like the idea of a different story for each chapter. It’s really unique.

**Show us your Lara/Hannah/Celeste/Jesse?**


Aww thank you so much! And for the text effects :heart_eyes::star_struck:
I hope you enjoy the rest of it too :laughing:


Hehehehe why do I find this so flattering? :sweat_smile: I love your characters btw :heart:


It’s definitely a compliment lol I normally hate the Karen from Mean Girls character but Jesse is well-written.

And thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I didn’t want to make the OG post too long, but I have a little more to add.

Everything. I love the character dynamics, I love the humour, I love how every episode just surprises you and you never really see anything coming. This story is my comfort story. If I’m in need of some cheering up I can always count on this story to make feel better.

Me too! I haven’t read any story that is in this format on the app and it’s making me curious to see what others are like that too? It’s certainly refreshing and allows so much room for Amber’s wild creativity.


Your welcome! And if I didn’t use text effects, that’d just be insulting.

I hopefully will, I mean it’s already amazeball-e-os! So I can’t picture it going downhill anytime soon.

Oh and to stay more on topic:

Probably Celeste and Hannah, and I don’t know why they’re my favourites. They just are interesting.

Not at all.

I’d say everything but then that’d be too broad of a thing to say. I guess I’d have to agree with what everyone else has said, each chapter being a different story is pretty darn cool.


Yaaaaas a fan club long overdue!


Who is/are your favourite character(s)? Why?
Jesse! I find his aloofness hilarious and I could see a little bit of myself in him.

Favorite scene?
It would probably be when Jesse was dancing butt naked.

How up to date are you?
Chapter 21 waiting for 22

What do you love about the story?
I like how each chapter brings a sense of over the top comedy, yet it still flows pretty smoothly. Also the fact that you basically get multiple playthroughs if you choose certain choices.

Show us your Lara/Hannah/Celeste/Jesse?

The Crew


praise the amazing @amberose (sorry for tagging you :sweat_smile:) for bringing us joy, love, and happiness! :heart: anyways, my fav character is probably lara because she’s badass but funny :joy: and jesse because he’s adorable in a weird way, probably because of his cluelessness sometimes.


@MauriBlaze Ahhh, thank you so much. I’m glad you are enjoying it

@lvqbrl pfft, don’t apologize for the tag, you know I’d find it anyway :smiling_imp: You understand Jesse so well lol


omg fangirls


I love your characters! :heart_eyes:


Adskkjh I LOVE One of the Girls SO much! It’s one of the few stories where I’ve actually snorted and laughed out loud. :joy: @amberose is a comedic genius and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. Episode needs more amazing authors like her to fill this app with amazing content like hers.

  1. My favorite characters are Jesse and Celeste. Jesse is just a giant walking cluster fuck. He’s a ticking time bomb constantly just waiting to explode. It makes for a fun main character. I love him. And who DOESN’T love a group mom? She tries so hard to keep everyone in line. And her and Jesse together are my favoriteeeee. :heart_eyes:

  2. Favorite scene would have to be… the texting scene where they had Jesse help create their text messages for them. Omg I died so much. :joy: Either that or when Lara got her tattoos or when Lara got a cat for Halloween. I mean… generally many scenes with Lara cracks me up.

  3. See above answer.

  4. I’m all caught up! I go running when she releases new chapters. :heart:

  5. Favorite screenshot I do not have. lol I generally don’t keep screenshots because it clutters up my photo album. And I don’t need anybody going through my phone to see that I play Episode. :joy:

  6. What is there NOT to love about the story? lol Amber is honestly incredible. The comedy is on point and yet you can actually learn lessons within the story. It’s great. Not to mention the characters and the character development. Eugh. Her characters are hands down the best part about the story. I absolutely love all of the main cast.

  7. I can show these!!



Omigosh, Moon! I am speechless. Thank you so much for all the kind words :blush::heart:


I decided to answer the rest of these questions, why? Because I’m exhausted and supposed to be asleep therefore by all logical explanations I’m awake not sleeping.

Okay so!

Who is/are your favourite character(s)? Why?
I answered this previously in a post but I didn’t go into detail. My favourite characters are Celeste and Hannah. I really like Celeste because she’s the mom of the group; group moms are hilarious.
And I also like her because of the whole student X professor relationship that happened which messed her up. It really showed how that kinda stuff can mess a person up and make them not act like themselves. I noticed after writing this that I don’t mean I like Celeste because of the professor stuff, I just liked how it showed how going through that might change a person.

And I like Hannah because I’m pretty sure she’s slightly a promiscuous person, but also athletic-ish. She’s also a funny character.

Funniest scene?*
The Halloween episode, when Lara was trying on her costumes. And she said something along the lines of “This cat won’t come out of this bag.” I don’t know why because it’s not that funny but it made me laugh quite a bit.

How up to date are you?*
Almost as up to date as I am on my math homework! Which = NOT AT ALL, I’m on episode 8.

Favourite screenshot?
Am I the only person who doesn’t screenshot during stories? I get too distracted reading and enjoying them.

What do you love about the story?
The concept. It’s intuitive, it’s unique and I’ve never read another story like it.

This is a long post, and I might’ve rambled on some points of it. Oh well. I


Yeeeet! I love this sztory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: