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So I read a lot of stories now and I saw some situations were a character was (for example) talking and then she did the (shush) animation BUT you couldn’t see the full animation…she did it like the character was already doing the END of the shush animation…
Do you get me? The funny face at the end of the animation…
Does anyone know how they do that?
Ty! :heart:

You can do that while zooming on other characters and then you can zoom back at the character at the end of (shush) animation. So you will get only the funny face at the end.
Hope this helps !

I sadly didn’t mean that :'D idk how to explain this…ummm if you read a story and the zoom is on the character while she is talking…then suddenly her face is the end of the (shush) animation…like the character just freezed in that moment…
I’m sorry this is really difficult to explain xD

so you mean character A is taking and then suddenly characters A’s face is end of the shush animation ?


so you can start by
character A is talking
show some reaction on character B and at the same time zoom on character B and also start the shush animation for character A
so when you zoom back you can get the animation you require on character A


or do you have only 1 character on screen…

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The trick is that you use a twin. Another character that looks just like the other, does the animation off sreen and then with spot directing you have them switch places.



Omg thank you so much!!! :heart:

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Did this work for you @Aylina? :slight_smile:

Yes! It worked :relieved:

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So glad! Closing as this has been resolved :slight_smile:

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