One thing about you that you wish other people knew?

I was thinking about this earlier, there are so many things about us that we don’t tell other people, or they just don’t come up in conversations. It can be embarrassing/funny things like I’m a massive Twilight fan or more serious personal issues.

What’s one thing that you wish others knew about you?


That I’m:

  • A gamer
  • An Otaku
  • Don’t rush into things like relationships for example.
  • Like to take things slow.
  • I’m still trying to get myself together, meaning my speech and thinking, etc.
  • HATE HORROR Movies…but still watch them with Mother. XD
  • I hate plantin, ew.
  • I’m not much of an animal lover depending on the animal.
  • I LOVE PRISON BREAK, LUCIFER, ARROR, GOTHAM, any good action tv show series
  • I love vampire movies!

You already said it…

I’m a massive Twilight fan. What can I do… :woman_shrugging:t2:


Plantin like… the font? Lol


I feel like I have nothing to tell other people.

But umm idk here’s some

  • I’m Finnish
  • I lovee anime and manga
  • I play ps2
  • I’m graduating as a practical nurse next year
  • I love making new friend So anyone interested hmu :grin:
  • Animal lover
  • Horse riding is my thing
  • Pretty open person
  • Dog owner Race: Portugese podengo

no. lol

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Omg no!!! :sob:


I guess there’s quite a lot of things, since I’m generally shy with new people.

  • I absolutely love learning about the environment and the world we live in (this includes all cultures).
  • Gordon Ramsay is an absolute gem and I want to watch his series Uncharted on Nat Geo.
  • I’m learning Dutch for fun and I really want to start learning ASL!
  • I play on the PS4 (currently playing The Lost Legacy).
  • I love running (especially sprinting, and I may join the track team in the spring).
  • I tend to overthink everything, as well as pay rather close attention to detail and I can generally read people quite well.
  • History fascinates me! I think my role model of the 1900s is probably Gene Kelly, and I’ve become more interested in Jane Goodall (and many others).
  • I would love to travel to India and Africa.
  • I really like raccoons lmao I think they’re so cute :)) I also really want a Bernese Mountain Dog!
  • I basically love ice cream more than anything🤩

omg yes! My mom likes it but I don’t, sure it taste like banana but nope. XD



  • I’m kind of a comic geek!
  • I’m demisexual and it doesn’t mean that I like demons (i get that a lot)
  • I love love love the Sims 3
  • I’m obsessed with my OCs
  • I adore Caribbean/Latin American music genres like koompa, dancehall, reggaeton, bashment and soca music
  • I secretly wanna go goth but I like blending in at the same time
  • The name “Paul” makes me laugh
  • I play handball
  • I played in some musicals and I absolutely LOVED it!
  • I love singing
  • I’ve been taking drawing lessons for 9 years, but I still suck at it :joy:
  • I have a bunny as a pet and her name is Charley!
  • I’m probably a lot younger then the most people think! :joy:
  • English isn’t my first language
  • I love all movies, especially horrors and romances!
  • AND PIZZA IS LIFE :heart::heart:

Well I guess that was all lol :joy:


Lol we must be polar opposites because plantain is my one true love :joy::joy::joy:


lol I guess we are. lol

  • somehow I’m able to write romance stories and fanfictions although I’ve never had a boyfriend :joy:

  • I’m a huge Avatar (the last airbender & the legend of korra) fan. it’s basically my childhood show and I love it so much! My friends know tho we watch it together sometimes haha

  • I know three programming languages: Python, C, and C#. This year I’m studying Assembly (help) javascript html and c++ as well;^;

  • Playing sims and creating ugly square houses for pretty sims is my guilty pleasure. I know hot to create beautiful sims but I suck at building houses :sob:

  • Doing a huge trip to USA is probably my dream


I’m probably the most likely to laugh at somebody’s funeral :eyes:

I’m sorry, If I find something funny I find it funny. I can’t control my laughter so uh

Don’t invite me to your funeral I guess…? :sweat_smile:

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I have so many normal to weird ones so bare with me :rofl:

• Love Anime
• I want a Shiba inu :dog:
• I’m such a movie person
• If I start a series I’ll binge watch it like crazzzyy
• I’m turning 20 next month but I feel 16
• Winter is my favourite season :snowflake:
• I want to study abroad
• I’m good academically but lack in common sense & general knowledge :joy:
• Addicted to Coffee
• Twitter > Instagram
• I go through phases where I’ll play PS4 non stop
• I don’t watch regular football but LOVE the World Cup :soccer:
• Don’t like red meat
• Don’t like Chicken on the bone because it scares me No, I’m not a Vegetarian, I eat boneless chicken :chicken:
• Don’t like the Rain :cloud_with_rain:
• Absolutely petrified of Spiders
• I always get insomnia


kind of same, but only if someone starts screaming

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I let people think I’m a dumb bitch. Everyone thinks I’m stupid, I mean I can’t say “I’m smart shut it” I’m not crazy smart but they think I’m like ralph from the Simpsons dumb. Would be nice for them to know, hey she’s not that stupid.

  • I have a tabby cat named Spunky

  • I want to try corndog

  • I love pineapple soda

  • I play Kim Kardashian Hollywood

  • Monster High Boo York is my favorite move ever

  • Spaghetti is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    I’ll add more later

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood is… bae.