One Wish - Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!
There is a new story that is in production at the moment! It’s titled “One Wish”.

After losing her father, Melody is in hopes of starting a new life for herself. What happens when she makes one wish that changes her life…forever?!
Style: Limelight (obvi based on the cover, lol)
Release Date: June 2019

I don’t know what day I’m releasing it in June but I’ll figure it out.
I will keep you all posted! This is my very first story so let me know if you guys see any mistakes and I’ll change them as soon as possible!
Thanks and happy reading! :heart:



Looks very interesting :slight_smile: Great cover!

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Heeeey!! I wish you the best!!! :muscle::muscle: looking forward to reading it! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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