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Update: Great news! The image issues should be resolved :grin:. If you happen to find any other issues with images please let us know in this thread. Thanks everyone! :partying_face:

Hi Episodians! We just wanted to take the time to let you know that your eyes are not deceiving you. For a little bit you are going to notice some images not loading, the forums in read only mode and other out of the ordinary quirks :crazy_face:. Everything is under control! Thanks to some of our active and very helpful forum members we have been able to identify some issues with the forums and Discourse is currently hard at work fixing anything that may be broken. Thanks for your understanding while this is being resolved. :nerd_face::peace_symbol:

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Looking for feedback regarding the 502 errors and images not loading. Thanks all!


That’s a problem that I had, for about a week, now. Mostly, its just the images that aren’t loading when I browse different topics. I’m not sure if this is related to the problem that’s going on, but here’s an example of what the “image” looks to me.


Thanks for this! Every little bit helps :slight_smile: :+1::ok_hand:


images usually will load, but sometimes on phone it doesn’t show up, it may be my internet but I doubt it at this point!


So as the threads get more posts like RP thread, if they go over 1,000, they start taking about 30 seconds to a minute to post. Usually it’s extremely quick.
Maybe this is just me being impatient, but I think some other people have experienced this.

Thanks for the heads up! This could be due to many things (internet connection, device you are using, browser, browser cache, etc). So make sure to check things on your end and if it’s still doing the same thing please let me know via PM with a link to one of the threads that is giving you trouble. Thanks!

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Thanks! I’ve been experiencing errors as well.

Anything new today? :open_mouth:

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Not really. It’s a little slow but that’s it

Great news! The issues we were encountering have been resolved! Please let us know in the Site Feedback section if you are still encountering further forum issues. Thanks all!

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