Online coding on phone


I don’t like mobile creation on the episode app I’d rather code myself but the the online coding for phones/any device should be improved for example you can’t scroll down properly

  • Yes I totally agree
  • No I don’t really mind
  • I don’t care

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I agree. Sometimes I’m out and I’m bored so I want to write some of my story on my phone but it won’t let me scroll down properly so I usually end up giving up and waiting until I get home to do any more. :confused: Please improve it Episode. :thinking:


I wish! I don’t always have my laptop to work on so sometimes I like to use my phone but it’s like 10 times harder to write like that.

I can get it to scroll decently by zooming in but the previewer doesn’t work well. I can see what I write but if I try to move things like zoom or character spots I can’t adjust them at all. Also while typing the first letter stays on the script but a box appears for the 2nd+ letters and autocorrect changes it every single time. So it’s just more frustration than it’s worth.


Hi! This section is for feedback about the forum website. If you’d like to make a suggestion about the App feel free to create a feature request. You can find the guidelines for creating those threads here. Cheers :v:t2: