Online School Or Real School

Do y’all like Online School Better Or Real School Better?


Real school. I’m tired of sitting in a chair for 7 hours tbh

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You should lie in bed, that’s what I do :joy: :yay:

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My mom won’t let me she’s afraid I’ll fall asleep. Which I will, but she ain’t got the right to assume that🤨


Online bc i can cheat :yum: :yum:


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Real school cuz this year my studies is messed up. I feel bad about my scores even though my parents just want me to pass except maths I have to get above 85 (my dad is great in maths😤) And I miss my friends so much

True one of the benefits of online classes :smirk:


Eh… neither…

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I honestly prefer online school. First of all, my parents are divorced, and I prefer my dad over my mom a lot, so since my PC is there, I don’t have to listen to my mom complain all day.

Also, it’s easier for me too because I can just brush my hair and teeth, put on a hoodie, and sign in to my classes.

I also think that it gives me the opportunity to be more flexible, as due dates for me are pushed back and I’m not as stressed.

Sure, I do miss in-person school but I’d much rather stay home and not see my friends than risk my family’s health and other people’s health as well.


Omg, noooo. Even when i cheat on literally all my classes, it still takes hours to finish everything :sob: Like, whats even the point? I’d rather do less work by cheating irl

read my story :clown_face: :clown_face:.

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omg bish i deadass forgot :skull:


We have real school rn and I prefer in-person school cuz it’s hard for to keep on track deadlines. I’ve never liked online school cuz let’s be real that’s not school at all, real school is when you sit in a classroom with your classmates. Also, I had bad grades on it and I hope we won’t have online school anymore :neutral_face:

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I prefer real school beacuse I don’t have to sit in the kitchen on Zoom for 1 hour or 1 and 30 minutes listening to the vice principal braging what she cooked or did, like Zoom isn’t “The Teacher Brag Show”. When at doing my school work at home, I had to listen to my little sister and mum have argue over her refusing to do her school work nearly every single day! Few times the teacher has to mute me on Zoom beacuse of the this and it wasn’t even my fault. It was like a hellhole for me! But I’m extremely glad to be back in school beacuse I missed all my friends and my teacher :blush:
And I’m sorry to y’all not being back at school beacuse of this miserable lockdown, restrictions and Covid 19, but i hope y’all be at school soon and saying goodbye to the online school.

Me too! I’m back at school and I’m extremely glad because I missed all my friends, especially my friend James :blush:

is james your boo thang? :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

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No, he’s not. Sorry :upside_down_face:

Does “boo thang” mean crush?

it means significant other in aave :grinning:

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